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The falling leaves that come with autumn in Indiana can be frustrating for sure, but those leaves are packed with a lot of hidden benefits. So, before you reach for your rake, learn why Lawn Pride really digs fall leaves.

A Smorgasbord for Your Soil

Your local government may offer to pick...Continue Reading
Ever pass a field or a vacant lot that hasn’t been mowed in a long time, and the tall grasses look like they’ve sprouted on top? Those wheaty-looking tops are called inflorescences, and that’s where grass seed comes from! It may not look like much, but grass...Continue Reading
It’s time for some football already, can you believe that? The Indianapolis Colts kick off their regular season on Sunday, September 9 when they host the Cincinnati Bengals. We polled the Lawn Pride office for some of our team’s favorite tailgating tips. So grab the grill, crack open a cold one,...Continue Reading
What better way to enjoy an evening than with a bonfire? Whether you’re partying with friends or getting cozy with someone you love, a bonfire is the perfect backdrop, especially on one of the many cooler late summer nights we have here in Indiana....Continue Reading

They are tiny, they bite humans and animals to prey on our blood, and they live in your yard. Think we’re talking about mosquitoes? Good guess, but think again. Nope, we’re talking about a pair of equally annoying critters...fleas and ticks....Continue Reading

Do you remember Crabgrass 101, a deep dive into understanding how to control and prevent crabgrass...Continue Reading

Don’t have the time or energy to take your family to the pool this weekend? Make a splash right at home with these fun water games in your yard!

Balloon Batting Practice

Is it swing and a miss, or swing and a...Continue Reading

Here is your go-to timeline for watering your lawn throughout the week. This guide includes specific days, times, and exclusive turf tips to keep your lawn hydrated, healthy, and green. Check it out!...Continue Reading

Several helpful lawn care tips can help you achieve the lawn of your dreams. Each tip is essential to achieving a healthy lawn that can resist weather extremes, fungus, and pests. One of the most crucial is the grass-cutting one-third rule...Continue Reading

Did you go to summer camps back when you were a kid? We sure did, and we had a blast! If you want your children to have that same sort of fun (and get you a little bit of peace and quiet, too), check out this list of summer camps right here in Central Indiana....Continue Reading