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What’s the perfect way to show off your yard to your friends and family? By throwing a backyard tailgate party, of course. You don't, however, just want to throw any tailgate party. You...Continue Reading
During the summer, your lawn is subject to the exhausting hot and dry weather. But with fall quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about doing some touch-ups. With lower temperatures and...Continue Reading
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It can be tough to keep your lawn looking as fresh as you'd like. Between pests, weather, and other foes, you'll...Continue Reading

Going back to school after summer vacation can bring a lot of different emotions for kids and parents alike. Between new classes, after-school activities, sports, homework, and making friends, going back to school brings a lot of excitement, but ...Continue Reading

Everyone dreams of having a perfectly manicured lawn. A lawn where barbecues and family gatherings take place...Continue Reading

Whether this is your first time or you’re a camping pro, camping is always an adventure. The great outdoors is waiting to make lasting memories for the whole family. There are likely to also be a few twists and turns along...Continue Reading

You’ve put in the effort to make it beautiful, and now your backyard is simply begging for a summer party. The surefire way to host a fantastic outdoor bash is food! Here are a few menu ideas to help you satisfy the masses...Continue Reading
Is there anything good about mosquitoes? There’s a lot to love about summertime, but these pesky little buggers aren’t one of them. Not only are mosquitoes annoying … they can be dangerous, too, transmitting nasty viruses like Zika, West Nile, and more. We polled the team at Lawn Pride in...Continue Reading
Summer in Indiana is full of possibilities. Whether it’s exploring the sights and sounds of Downtown Indianapolis or chowing down on hot dogs at Victory Field, spend your day taking in the fresh air, soaking in the sunshine, and relaxing with friends and family. Our Summer Activities Checklist...Continue Reading